The blueberry season has ended for 2017. We are currently harvesting our late season organic strawberries, which we will have through the end of September.

This is our first year growing these strawberries and the flavor has been fantastic. Please email or call if you would like to purchase pre-picked strawberries. We sell 4 pound boxes for $20 and 10 pound boxes for $48. 

- Molly and Aaron 


Welcome to Little Hill Berry Farm in Northfield, MN. We are located 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities. Our farm offers certified organic, pick your own blueberries. 

Blueberry season typically runs from July to early-August. 

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About Us

Little Hill Berry Farm is owned and operated by Aaron Wills and Molly McGovern Wills. 

Through Little Hill Berry Farm, we aim to provide delicious, organic, local, community supported food grown with integrity.

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