Last day of picking
Wednesday, July 30th **8 am - 9:30 am.**

**Please note the different ending time. If you arrive by 9:30, you are welcome to pick until later in the morning. 


Wednesday's picking will be varied. "Good" or "Easy" picking (several clusters of large berries) will be very limited. It is possible that by 8:30am these rows will be filled. The remaining berries are quite small and low to the ground. The small berries are quite flavorful but take a longer time to pick. Unfortunately, the harsh winter left us with a lot fewer berries making the blueberry season considerably shorter for us this year. 

Next year, we hope to have significantly more berries available. We will increase the number of blueberry bushes you can pick by an acre (2 and a half acres total). If we have a normal winter, the plants in our current picking sections will have significantly more fruit as well (our harvest this year was half as much as last year). 

We know it was difficult for many people to make it to the farm this year because we were only picking on Wednesdays.   We hope to be open more days next year, including weekends.  

We sincerely thank you for your patience as we dealt with a smaller blueberry crop this year.


Molly McGovern Wills and Aaron Wills
Little Hill Berry Farm


Welcome to Little Hill Berry Farm in Northfield, MN. We are located 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities. Our farm offers certified organic, pick your own blueberries. 

Blueberry season typically runs from July to mid-August. 

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Our Aim

Through Little Hill Berry Farm, we aim to provide local, organic, community supported food grown with integrity.

While we only grow blueberries right now, in the coming years we plan to offer a wide variety of fruit available through pick-your-own, prepicked at the farm, and at other local outlets.

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Looking for more detailed information on farm happenings, growing blueberries, and local and organic food in Northfield? Visit our blog.

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