Just as I was saying...

Funny. Just as we launch our website/blog with a post about waiting for our land purchase to complete, we receive a letter from our lawyer saying that the contract for deed has been sent to the land owner and the deal should be done by December 30th! DONE BY DECEMBER 30th! We will start the new year owning fifteen acres of land that will soon nourish our friends, family, and community with little blue bites. Wow. My parents promised us a bottle of champagne to be uncorked at the farm site. After the blizzard we just had, we’ll either have to snowshoe/ski out to the land or settle for drinking on the side of the road.

Aaron and our friends walking our land.


We will be sure to post when the purchase is official. We learned through the almost sale of our house that one should enter deals like this with excited caution. With all of the time and money put into the land deal, I think we can proceed with less caution and more elation than advised.

On another topic, as Aaron and I walked down to our favorite local coffee shop this morning braving the below zero temperatures and snow to our knees, he commented, “It will be a great year for blueberries in Minnesota!” As the Inuit have taught us, snow is a key insulator - for humans and blueberries. Much of the “winter kill” (also known as tip-die back where the tips of the bushes die and become black or dark brown) happens because of frigid temperatures and lack of protection. The snow provides protection from the wind and the cold temperatures. They have actually done studies at the University of Minnesota where they shovel snow onto the blueberry bushes, and it has proved to be beneficial for yield the next summer.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all who have subscribed to our blog or “liked” us on Facebook. Your outpouring of support has made us feel loved and cared for. We know you are here for us every step of the way taking much of the fear out of this incredible leap into the world of many unknowns. All of these elements combined have made us sure that we will be successful as blueberry farmers. Again, thank you.