The Light is Inside of Us


December 21st, the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. The day that marks the exit from darkness into light. This solstice being incredibly powerful with the lunar eclipse. It might be the first day of winter but it is also the day that marks the beginning of preparation - We are preparing for the days of light. A year ago at this time, we found ourselves in a place of uncertainty. The purchase of our land was not happening as fast as we had hoped, our house was failing to sell despite our best efforts, and other personal matters in our life were not as easy as we once thought. The disappointment piqued around the summer solstice as our once sold house became ours once again and our land deal proved to be more complicated than we had anticipated.

Aaron and I sat together on the solstice last week, before we signed the contract for deed to purchase the land, reviewing the past year. I mentioned to Aaron, “What if we had purchased the land last winter? We would have been grossly unprepared.” And that is the reality. I don’t willfully subscribe to the myriad of sayings and proverbs that exist in every language stating, “Look, things will be shit for awhile and that is OK because eventually, it will get better. And when it gets better, you will be more appreciative and knowledgeable because of your struggle.” But it is true. We are more appreciative and knowledgeable because of the “waiting place” in which we resided for so long. This past year, as we sat in anticipation of what could be, we were reminded that no matter the potential darkness ahead, there’s always light within us and that it will shine through.

And now for the big news. Last Tuesday, on the Winter Solstice, we became owners of the fifteen beautiful acres that will be home to Little Hill Berry Farm. Click here to see an aerial view of the farm. The blue box is roughly our property boundary. You can zoom out to see where our farm is located in relation to Northfield and the Twin Cities. The aerial doesn’t do the beauty of the land justice, so come spring, please visit us. We’d love to show you around.