The Waiting Place

Welcome to our farm blog. We have tried and tried to generate a name for the blog that was not too kitschy but have so far failed. We have opted to go without a blog name instead of something deplorable. I encourage you to leave blog names in the comment section and maybe one will stick.

Regardless, without a name, we still exist. Aaron Wills and Molly McGovern Wills – blueberry farmers to be. Or maybe we are already blueberry farmers? We are not sure when we will or have crossed the farming threshold. Here, we will post once weekly about developments of our infant farm, our family, and local food.
Some of you reading this post may be family, friends, or interested parties from the great world wide web. Whoever you are, we are thrilled you joined us.

If you are like us, you have heard or read Oh the Places You Will Go by Dr. Suess more times than you have teeth. The great thing about that book is from conception to death and everything in-between, it is applicable. You may be asking yourself, “What does Dr. Suess have to do with a blueberry farm?” Everything.

We are off to great places, we are off and away! Our berry farm is becoming a reality. We purchased 2,100 plants (to be delivered in April), sulfured two acres of land, bought a farm truck, visited a variety of berry farms, and we have a website! Some of you may remember the Waiting Place in Dr. Suess’s book – the place where everyone is just waiting. I have a feeling we will find ourselves there quite a lot as blueberry farmers – just waiting.

Our current wait, the land purchase. Conversations about purchasing a 15 acre plot of land just north of Northfield began in September 2009. We are now nearing the end of 2010 and although the land is not yet purchased, we are very very very close to signing our contract for deed. Our parents have planned a champagne christening for the day we sign the papers – we are confident that will happen while there is still snow on the ground.

Waiting, however, does not prolong our other farm plans. The Waiting Place is not a permanent home, just a place to pass through. This is just one of our many passes. We will be sure to set up some comfy chairs, some good books and a refrigerator with provisions for our next visit.