Delving into the Details

Last weekend, Aaron and I sat together at Goodbye, Blue Monday - our favorite local coffee joint - to address larger farm details that go beyond a dinnertime check-in.  Here was our agenda:
- Talk about potential investors.
- Spring Land Prep and planting timeline.
- Land layout including windbreak trees.
- Set a tentative planting date.

It is hard to imagine with the stretch of sub-zero temperatures recently that the snow will ever melt and the temperature will rise above 30 degrees. But every year, the snow melts, and every year we find ourselves begging for relief from the sweltering summer and oppressive heat. And we have to have some plants in the ground before it does!

In previous months, our “farm check-ins” as we call them took place once every week or every other week. They would vary in length and usually have broad topics. Now, as spring approaches, (yes, it is approaching - see above paragraph) our check-ins occur daily. They may be no longer than ten minutes and they usually go something like this:

Aa - Did you see that email we got from the nursery folks about windbreak tree prices?
M - Yep.
Aa - What are your thoughts?
M - I think we should go for it. Cold and windy days like this reiterate the importance of a windbreak for our plants.
Aa - I agree. What size do you think we should get?
M - As big as we can afford.
Aa - How about two gallon container grown trees?
M - Word.
Aa - I will look for the best pricing.

And that is it. Sometimes they are longer and more detailed. Usually Aaron has spoken to seven different vendors that day and has a beat on pricing. When I think about conversations like this, I think how simple they are and how easy they feel. It also reminds of how far Aaron and I have come in our ability to trust one another and communicate well. I am often brought back to our budding communication days when we spent three weeks and six heated conversations trying to figure out our wedding gift registry. Wow. Our conversation last weekend was short and productive and it is because of our preparation and hard work.

And now on to how we’ll till our field in the Spring.....