The Plan and the planting date!

MARK YOU CALENDARS! Saturday, May 7th!! We are looking to you, our friends, family, and followers to become part of our farm....

This sudden burst of warm weather has many of dreaming of spring (hence the kissing bunnies.) We have been thinking about this Spring for weeks...months...could I even say a year? The bunnies are thinking about gettin’ busy and so are we! Below is our “Farm To-Do List”. There are some details we have not added yet and others that we are very close to answering. As we made this list, derived from Aaron’s scribbles on one-sided scrap paper and my large lettering on a random post-it, I mentioned to Aaron how important it is that we keep all of this information. Aaron is of the ilk that gets rid of something as soon as it is no longer immediately useful. Let’s just say, I sway the other way. We met somewhere in the middle awhile ago when we were cleaning our 800 sq. foot house and Aaron kept reminding me my potential likeness with the pack-rat reality shows that are a guilty pleasure. Darn you Aaron Wills and your ability to be right! Anyway, I want to save all of this information so that years from now when some young blueberry farmer wannabes knock on our door, we can give them the complete guide of our follies and fames.

Before you read the list, I wanted to let you know about the tentative Planting Party we are having Saturday, May 7th!! We will begin...early and we will end....late. There will be LOTS of food, frothy beverages, and I am sure we could get the Bruns’ sisters to muster up a few pans of bars. Ride your bike, bring your whole family, wear your favorite “work” outfit and straw hat, and help us plant 2,000 blueberry plants!

This date is tentative because, well, you know, we live in Minnesota and the weather is unpredictable. If it is an early spring, it will be the weekend before. If it is too wet the week before the 7th, we’ll plant the weekend after, Saturday May, 14. Really, you should clear all of those Saturdays and be prepared for a phone call of glee. It is like an extended save the date for a just don’t know when you have to show up! We will also be in need of help most of the month of April and May at various times to plant windbreak trees, rototill the planting areas - just read the to-do list and see where you can fit in.

Check out our list. See where you find yourself rolling up your sleeves.

Mid February
- Finalize well plan - When? Where? What?

- Finalize well plan - When? Where? What?
- Decide on type of generator
- Finalize windbreak - Locations, tree types, when to plant, protection for new planting
- Order windbreak trees
- Decide on type of field tillage - rototiller?
- Decide what to do with unused land
- Decide where the 2012 two acre blueberry planting will be

Beginning March
- Put in well
- Purchase generator
- Decide what kind of mulch to use
- Figure out mulch source
- Figure out peat source
- Decide if rototill peat into rows or mix for planting
- Order peat
- Talk to Fossum’s about using their tractor for drilling blueberry holes

Mid March
- Decide on irrigation system/type, order supplies
- Find buckets
- Make arrangements for use of unused land
- Decide plan for managing land between blueberry rows
- How will we manage the two acres we will plant next year?

End of March
- Containers for mixing peat and water before buckets.
- Fertilizer - plan, purchase

Beginning April
- Order sulfur (will need bins for storage)

Mid April
- Plant wind break

End of April
- Set up irrigation system
- Get mulch delivered
- Get peat delivered
- Pre-planting field tillage
- Plant extra land into cover crop/alfalfa
- Lay out blueberry rows
- Drill blueberry holes

Early May
- Blueberry plant delivery and planting
- Sulfur two acres for 2012 planting