Big Decisions

With about fourteen weeks till planting, there are a lot of big decisions to be made in the process of starting the farm. As we weigh every possible question and solution to our many needs, there are several things to take into consideration - cost, sustainability, labor, short and long term farm goals, etc.

Here are just a few of the questions we have been trying to answer the last couple of months:
- How will we prepare the land?
- How will we lay out our rows of blueberry bushes? How many bushes in each row? North/South or East/West?
- How will we dig the holes for the bushes?
- What tools will we need to plant the bushes?
- How will we water the bushes?
- Where will buy the mulch?
- How will we lay the mulch and where?
- What kind of irrigation tape do we want?
- Where will we buy trees for our windbreak?
- Where will we plant the windbreak?
- How many trees will we buy for our windbreak? get the point. The question that has consumed our thoughts lately is irrigation. What we need? An adequate and safe well that will water our plants now and in the future along with servicing our future home. The kind of well costs around $12,000-$15,000. A lot. Add in the cost of bringing electricity to run the pump at $10,000 and our five year budget changes drastically.

So, we enter problem solving mode. The well is inevitable and important. There is no other easy or sustainable way to get water to our land for our plants. We must drill the well.

That leaves us with making a decision about how to pump the water from the well to the plants. We, Aaron actually, tirelessly researched windmills, generators, and electricity. Aaron inherited this skill from his dad, Glenn, the Market Maven (see Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell). After gathering as much information as we could, we decided that we can run the well pump on a generator, which will cost $600-$800. I will let you do the math on the cost savings.

We now know where we are going with the well. One decision down. Now, to tackle all of the other decisions. Sometimes I feel as though we are standing on a teeter-totter with overwhelmed at one end and totally confident at the other end. Aaron stands well in the middle. I tend to move back and forth with ease. One thing is for sure, it is thrilling.