Step 1. Panic. Step 2. Make a better choice.

People keep telling us that we have a lot going on right now. Usually, we acknowledge that fact and then quickly move on to something we need to take care of. A couple of weeks ago, Aaron and I finally agreed that yes, we do have a lot going on right now. We are so good at “managing” things that we lose sight of the fact that we can always manage less. The panic or overwhelmed feeling we felt that evening was our brains and bodies telling us to stop, think, and make a better choice.

So, that brings us to a decision that came swiftly and felt like winning the lottery. What if we planted only one and a half acres instead of two? 500 fewer holes, we wouldn’t have to rent a truck to haul the plants, less mulch, less irrigation supplies, less peat, less sulfur, less cost...less STRESS! The domino effect that is put into place when making a decision to plant 500 less plants is incredible.

Late last summer, we decided that we would stop trying to sell our house. We instantly felt better. We hadn’t realized what a energy suck selling the house had become for us. We always knew that the farm would take our energy and we willingly concede. The amount of energy it has to take, however, is dependant on us and our choices.

So, 1,600 plants it is. Aaron and his dad picked them up from Michigan last weekend. I must admit, they are beautiful. A book we are reading likens starting a farm to having a baby. I certainly felt maternal joy when I saw our plants - I know Aaron felt like a parent, too.