In Full Swing

Remember how I said that the MOSES post would be the first in a four part series? I lied.With the snow completely melted and the calendar telling me it is April, I have lost the momentum to write posts dedicated entirely to growing elderberries or North Wind Farm in Bayfield, WI. You will read snippets of those topics in other posts.

Aaron and I took my spring break to flush out what we need to do before our planting party. Below you will find dates and details of what will be happening on the farm. If you are interested in helping us with any activity, we would be more than happy to have you! Email us at

There is even a little house project we are approaching that you can be involved in. I know, one wonders why we would embark on a project that transforms our back porch into a mudroom in the midst of farm preparations and planning for a baby. My answer for you is...why not?

April 4th - Seeding cover crop (oats) and "driveway" (grass mixture).

April 15th/16th/17th - Planting windbreak trees and digging/pouring footings for our back porch addition project. The footings our friend Matt (from Duluth) will be in charge of.

April 23rd/24th - Not sure what we'll be doing, but there will be something!

Week of April 25th - Spreading composted manure and peat in blueberry rows. Hooking up irrigation system. Cultivating for weeds.

April 30th weekend - Marking planting holes for blueberries. Laying out blueberry rows and marking spots for planting holes for blueberries.

Week of May 2nd - Digging planting holes for blueberries. In advance of the planting party we'll be digging holes for the blueberry plants probably with augers. Need all the help we can get these days! There are lots of holes to be dug.

May 7th/8th - Planting party on the 7th. On the 8th finishing what doesn't get done on the 8th such as laying out the irrigation lines, spreading mulch, or planting grass seed.

Week of May 9th - Probably spreading mulch