Count Down to the Planting Party!

The Planting Party is only five days away! Have you responded yet to the evite? If not, email us and let us know if you are coming. Ann and Marcia are working away in the kitchen to prepare food for the day - should be yummy. Aaron and I have had many farm meetings this past week and weekend devising/organizing plans for the day.

Some things to remember if you are attending the party:
1. If you have a shovel, bring it along! Don’t forget to label it with your name somehow so it can go home with you.
2. A pair of gloves might be nice for digging, carrying, and dirting...whatever that means.
3. There is little cover in the field so bring all of the outdoor essentials: rain jacket, sunscreen, picnic blanket and a waterbottle. If the weather is cool that day, you may want to bring a fleece. it can get breezy on the little hill.
4. Lawnchair. If you are interested in sitting while you eat or rest in a chair with a back, you may want to bring your own chair to sit in. We will have a few but not too many.
5. Comfortable shoes/clothing you can get dirty. This is farm work, people.

There will be jugs of water to refill your bottles during the day, meat and vegetarian food, and hose/hand sanitizer for washing hands. We are currently working on getting a porta-potty for the event.

**Important note for those with children: The planting area is a ways from the parking area. You will have to cross a paved county road (55mph) to get from the parking to our field. There may be a county sheriff or other helpers to make sure you are able to cross safely. Be sure you know where your children are when you are close to the road.

Also, it is a bit of a walk to the planting area across uneven, dirt and corn stalk ground. Be aware that it might be a little jaunt from your car to the planting area. A porta-potty and food will be located up near the plants.

There is a possibility that you could drive on the land if it is dry enough and you are comfortable with driving your car across open farmland. Driver discretion is advised!

More to come. Please check in regularly this week for planting party updates.