Closer and closer...

Let there be WATER! With all of the rain we are having, irrigation may not be an issue...however, there will be time (probably at the end of July when I am SUPER preggers and uncomfortable) when the clear blue sky leaves the ground cracked and parched. For those times, we now have a well!

Last week, we visited the land with our friend Kate who was about to leave for Alaska for awhile. When we “pulled up” to the large open field, there were three large trucks and a gigantic pole. Our well digging dudes! The job looked...messy, to say the least. They were up to their ankles in concrete and the noise from the machines was enough drone out sound of Donald Trump. Our well is 340 feet deep and located on the highest point of our land. Friday, they will install the pump and help us hook up a generator to power it.

Much like my belly, the farm grows faster and faster each week!