The Weeding Saga Continues...

With a belly full of baby who has two strategically placed feet in my ribs/stomach/lungs, I have stopped hand weeding at the farm. No position - bent, squat, swivel - can suffice. That has left Aaron to be the primary weeder. Weeding is like paper work, just when you think you have completed the massive pile on your desk, you realize it was hiding another slightly larger pile behind it.

With one weeder in the family, 33 rows of blueberries, and a lot of other open space, the need to step into the 21st century was imminent. Our friend Ben, from Open Hands Farm, has been using a field cultivator cultivating between our rows helping to knock down many of the smaller weeds. For that we are fortunate. But there were still tall stands of weeds that were left unscathed by the cultivator because of size and proximity to plants. There are also some rows that were not planted far enough apart to allow a cultivator to go through.

This week, another friend and neighbor, Regi from Finca Mirasol and Rural Enterprise Center, came over to see our land and talk to us about equipment that he owns that we could barter to use. Regi offered to borrow us his John Deere tractor with a PTO driven rototiller attachment. This seemed to be our only hope in the endless battle against weeds. A few days later, Aaron began using the rototiller in the spots the cultivator could not reach. The result was...was...specatular! The area between our rows next to the mulch looks like chocolate ice cream when it used to look like a vacant lot. Farming is and ever shall be a balance between physical and machine labor. We are so glad we have machines on our side.