Back in the Saddle

So...seems as though I haven’t written a blog post in awhile. I suppose I will need to find a better balance with teaching, farming, parenting (soon), and blogging. As they say, you fall off your bike, get back on again no matter how long it takes you.

Since the planting party, Aaron and I have been tending to our wee ones in the ground almost daily. The last couple weeks were focused on spreading mulch around and between the blueberry plants. This week is weeding, weeding, and more weeding.

Being part-time farmers, we mostly work weeknights and weekends. This can be exhausting and feel never-ending. There’s always something that is not getting done. Plus, everything takes longer the first time around. It may not be that there is so much to do on the farm, it is that we have not done much of it before! New questions arise and we need to find an answer to them. (You will learn more about the questions we are answering in subsequent posts.) So far, we have done well for ourselves. The plants have greened up and are looking healthy. We’ve been noticing new leaves emerging on many plants. Some of the plants even have a few small blueberries growing and should provide us a taste in about a week of what’s to come next year!