New Year's Resolution, a Month Late

My New Year's resolution was to spend at least three hours a week working on our Farm’s blog. I find myself at February first finally beginning to act on that promise. I figure I have at least a few more months to blame my absence on Ben and baby brain drain, right? Right?! Probably not.

Because you have missed many months of the mundane, frustrating, promising, and thrilling farm work, I plan to play catch you up in the next several blog posts. I also plan to sprinkle in posts regarding what is happening right now on the Little Hill.

If you don’t see at least one post a week, please yell at me. Throw darts at my house. Write me saying that I need to look at the accountability whiteboard in the kitchen listing all of my to-dos. Something that will put my bottom, or fingers, rather,  in motion. Hopefully, by the time the blueberry flowers are in bloom - which might be in March this year with all of this crazy warm weather - we will all be caught up.