A REALLY Huge Tarp (Part I)

To cover what? Peat! 80 cubic yards, roughly 113 tons, about 12 - 14 adult male elephants...you get the point. Last year, we purchased our peat in wrapped bales from Menards and put a peat/water mix into each plant hole. Those of you who were at the planting party, you may remember with much disdain, the peat pool. Thanks to a friend’s high school aged son and his wine-grape-crushing like feet, the peat and water eventually mixed.

This year, we decided to take some advice from experts and prep the land with peat a season in advance. This spring, we will be spreading our gigantic mound of peat on an acre of land that we spread sulfur on last year. We will mix the peat in the soil and add some sawdust and composted manure to lighten the soil, increase organic matter, and develop the soil’s fertility. We are hoping it will make for an easier planting next year and healthier plants. That means the planting party will be have less work and more beer!