...and a Small Fire (Tarp Part II)

Thank God we have friends who live very close to our land so they can notice things like heavily smoking piles of peat dangerously close to our baby blues!

Setting the scene: Aaron was minding his own business, pounding stakes in the ground to hang soap from (the reason for the soap will be in a different post) and our friend Betsy (of Spring Wind Farm CSA) approached him with small talk, asking how he was doing, etc. After exchanging pleasantries, Betsy informs Aaron that the small pile of peat adjacent to the gigantic tarp covered pile of peat was smoking. Meanwhile, Andrew (also of Spring Wind Farm), was spreading the smoking peat to squelch the embers.

Apparently peat is highly flammable. One of those things that we should have known as common sense but failed to think about. After some Internet research, we learned about the intensity of peat fires and their propensity to combust when in massive piles. After a mildly sleepless night, Aaron called the place in MN where we bought the peat from. They said that they store their peat in gargantuan piles and they have never once had a fire. They also said they have been shipping peat all over the world for the past twenty years and have only heard of one fire.
So, we are unique! After further investigation, we learned a spark from our car which we drive up close to the pile most likely was the ignition source. Crisis averted....for now.