How Long Until This Thing goes Airborne?

The tarp/peat saga continues...

Days after we squelched the peat fire, the wind picked up, and so did our humongous tarp.

Again, our indispensable neighbor friends gave us a jingle and alerted us to the flapping monstrosity. Aaron's parents were visiting for the day so we both went out to the farm telling them we wouldn't be gone long. The task of securing the tarp should be easy, right?

We thought of and tried most things in our "securing hints while camping" arsenal. Earlier in the winter, our Carleton student mentees helped us pick rocks and other friends helped us bag them. We threw heaps of those bagged rocks on to the ends of the tarp to no avail. At one point, I was riding the crest of our landlocked surf - I almost was tossed onto our adjacent mulch pile!

After "discussing" the correct course of action, we went to work piling on more and more bags of rock. We were too chicken to see what would happen if we took the tarp off and too time pressed to purchase a zillion stakes and rope. The next day, the wind had died down and Aaron managed to deplete our rock pile while "fortifying the hell out of it." Next time, maybe we'll go with the stakes.