The Season Begins

Note: The next few posts will detail our current work on the farm. Enjoy the details.


Last year at this time, we were coordinating the pick-up of 1,600 blueberry plants from Michigan. Our minds and calendars were teeming with questions, deadlines, and work days. How are we going to plant all these plants? Our planting party at the beginning of May was on the horizon. We also knew about half of what we do now about running a farm, blueberry plants, equipment, and our land.

This spring has come much earlier in terms of weather and we are relaxed, yet, busy. Aaron stays on top of most of the day to day work. He has been ordering fertilizer, purchasing extra irrigation equipment, and planning field work tasks. We have a farm meeting at least once a week which entails Aaron with a pocket MEAD notebook scrawled with the week’s to-dos - various tasks he has completed or will complete in the next week. Aaron is a planner and a doer. For that, I am grateful.


The most exciting aspect of the start of the season is observing the blues. Currently, many leaf buds have popped. A few plants are still dormant but a watering last week and some rain have brought them out of their slumber. Our mild winter and summer-like spring will make for many unknowns. Will the Patriots (a variety that fruits at the beginning of July) hold their fruit in June? Will the lack of snow cover effect our yield? For what it's worth, we can rely on one notion, farming is never the same year after year.