Last Thursday, we experienced a deluge dumping 5+ inches of rainfall on the little hill, all in a matter of hours (last night's rain added another 3 plus inches). Our location, atop a hill, and our soil, well-draining silt loam, left us not too concerned for the long term health of the blues. Aaron went to the farm on Friday to assess the damage. Little top soil was lost because of the grass and other cover crops we have in place. There were areas where the water made a channel through our mulch leaving some "tidying" and remulching to be done. All and all, we were pretty unscathed.

South of town, two good friends and farmers were not so lucky. Dayna Burtness, a dear friend and owner of Laughing Loon farm found a third of her plants washed away by the torrent of water on Thursday. Today, she found her remaining plants (prized money making tomatoes) damaged beyond repair from golf ball sized hail. Insert sad face here. Her farm, in its infancy, provides food to Bon Appetit Food Service and restaurants in the Twin Cities. One such restaurant served her vegetables to Barack Obama during his most recent visit. Last night, WCCO ran a story about the flood damage on her farm. 

Please, please, please consider supporting Laughing Loon Farm. They are looking for volunteers to help with clean-up and are in great need of financial support so this farm season is not Dayna's last.

To donate, visit

Another friend, Monica, manages Seeds Farm. Seeds Farm shares land with Laughing Loon Farm and experienced almost total crop loss. Clean up efforts began this morning and everyone's help is needed. 

Information about volunteer times and location are below. 

Open Volunteer Hours next week are: 
M: 8am-7pm; Tu: 8a-7pm; W: 8am-7pm; Th: 8am-5pm; F: 8am-2pm

Feel free to just drop by during those hours or let Monica know when you'll come by if you'd like, you can send a msg on facebook or email 

Address is: 6903 115th Street East Northfield, MN

You can see pictures of the flood waters on the farm on facebook at and