That's No Fun!

In a previous post, you surely noticed the gorgeous blueberry blossoms. It is so exciting to think that all of those flowers will become fruit...but not this year. They won't fruit this year not because it isn't possible but because we plan to pick most of the flowers from the bushes. When we told this to fellow berry growers and friends, The Cuddys of Rush River Produce, they said, "Aw! That's no fun."

We agree. There is a lot that is "not fun" about picking flowers off a bush. One being it is a lot of extra labor. Someone has to do the picking and you don't get anything yummy to taste in return. It is also not fun because those are all potential berries that we and you won't be eating this summer. So...why do it?


Plants put a great deal of energy into making their fruit. The fruit is their seed; their offspring; their passing of genetic material; their assurance that blueberry plants will continue to exist. So, they take all of those nutrients they suck up through their roots and the sunshine they soak through their leaves and, with patience, create the most spectacular berry on earth. 

We have left a few rows with flowers to see how some plants will produce this year. Some blossoms that we missed in the picking will also provide some fruit for the gleaning.