Bundle Up!

How do I deal with an immense amount of work to do at my teaching job?  Begin blogging again, of course! If I have endless hours to devote to checking my Facebook account, surely I can write a line or two to satiate inquiring minds. My mom has also been on my case about blogging again. So, here I am. 

Winter had been kind to us thus far. Our bluebees (as Ben calls them) have long ago hardened off for the winter and are now lightly tucked under a thin blanket of snow. Aaron spent much of the fall helping the blues prepare for winter by adding a hefty layer of mulch to keep their roots cozy and implementing a plan to lessen deer browse on the vulnerable buds. In fact, Aaron tied over 100 pieces of Irish Spring soap to our bushes only to find they vanished within one week. Perhaps the deer need to freshen up a bit?  More likely, the raccoons got greedy. 

We are trying something new this year to lessen the winter dieback that causes branches to turn gray, brittle, and lifeless. Our friends at Blueberry Fields of Stillwater have been covering their plants for a couple years and finding success. So, we thought we would try that too. 


We covered three rows, one in each section, with a thick row cover laid on top of metal hoops. Hopefully, this will provide an extra layer of warmth and protection over the winter months. If we notice dramatic increases in yield on the covered plants, we will look at covering all of our plants in the future. This would also provide infrastructure if we decide we want to cover the plants to manage insect and/or bird issues. 

All in all, the hill is looking mighty fine. We have been enjoying afternoon hikes between the rows and sledding opportunities down the driveway. Although the plants may be dormant, we are not. 

Benny and the sleeping blues.

Benny and the sleeping blues.