Our Growing Practices and Values

Our goal is to provide delicious, organic, local, community supported food grown with integrity. 

Delicious - We want our blueberries and strawberries to be the best you've ever tasted. We select varieties based on a number of characteristics, but the most important factor is taste. If the variety doesn't taste great, we won't grow it. And, when we make decisions about growing practices, we are always asking ourselves which decision will lead to more delicious and nutritional fruit. Finally, we manage picking so that you have the best opportunity to pick fully ripe fruit, at the pinnacle of flavor and sweetness. 

Organic - Our farm is certified organic through the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA).  We are one of only a couple certified organic blueberry and strawberry farms in Minnesota. Certified organic means that we don't use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We don't use those chemicals because everything we put on the Earth comes out in our food and into our bodies. We want you, our plants, and the Earth to be healthy for a long, long time to come. For those of you who are interested click here for a more detailed discussion about our specific growing practices with regards to weeds, insects and diseases. We're also happy to talk with you about our growing practices when you come out to the farm. 

Local - We want to help build the local foodshed, allowing you to find one more thing close to home. 

Community Supported - We are a pick your own berry farm. This means, we grow them - you pick them! But we are more than just another pick your own berry farm - we want to be YOUR berry farm. The farm you bring your family to every July for the first ripe picking of blueberries; A place for your children to gorge themselves blue, run through the bushes and trees, and lay in the sun with full bellies.